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Personal Training

Let our certified Personal Trainers coach and inspire you to achieve your goals

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We are the leading gym in town to base your freelance personal training business

More than a gym

Don’t let our "boutique gym" tag fool you. At Energia Fitness, we have a comprehensive selection of equipment for all your fitness needs.

We offer programs and packages to suit every individual. Whether you are looking for a gym to train on your own, or require the guidance of a Personal Trainer, Energia Fitness has something for you.

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Rizam Arsad

I believe in a state of "Total Fitness". Based on the core aspects of Strength, Flexibility and Stamina, Total Fitness results in feeling good, looking good and enables us to Live instead of merely “Existing”.


There is nothing more satisfying than watching my clients push through their work out and at the end of session turn to me and say "You kicked my ass today!"

Bryan Chan

Be good to your body and you can rest assured that it will be good to you in return. A little exercise never hurt anyone.


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